Top Reasons Why Your Conditioner Is Not Working


1. The Batteries In Your Thermostat Have Died

It’s possible that your air conditioner isn’t broken at all. The reason your thermostat isn’t displaying anything is that the batteries are dead. 

2. The Indoor Disconnect Switch Is Off

It’s possible that the interior disconnect switch was accidentally turned off, especially if it’s in your attic or garage. It could have been bumped. Before proceeding with any more troubleshooting, ensure the disconnect switch is set to “on.” 

3. The Outdoor Disconnect Switch Is Turned Off

Building standards require that switches be located next to the inside and outdoor units of your air conditioner. It’s possible that the outside one has been turned off for a variety of reasons, and it’s rather simple to check and reset if necessary.

4. A Tripped Circuit Breaker

Check your breaker box if you have a tripped circuit breaker. It might be the one that links to your heating and cooling system that has tripped. Reset it and test the air conditioner again. Breakers frequently trip when a circuit is overloaded, so keep that in mind. 

5. You Blew A Fuse

A miscarried fuse within an air conditioner and your thermostat are similar to a car battery that has died. Before the machinery can work, you’ll need to get it replaced. This isn’t a remedy you should try unless you have particular training. It’s recommended to contact a heating and cooling provider to resolve the issue.

6. You’ve Got A Blown Transformer

Until you replace the bad transformer, your air conditioner will not work. It’s also possible that the outdoor unit’s contactor has failed. Because this is frequently the cause of a blown transformer, you’ll need to replace it as well. This problem can also be caused by wiring faults, such as a short in the wire.

7. The Starting Components Are Malfunctioning.

Most air conditioners rely on at least two capacitors within the outdoor unit to function properly. These components resemble large batteries. One is the “start” capacitor, while the other is the “run” capacitor. They provide power to your air conditioner, allowing it to switch on and stay on. 

8. The Coils Are Unclean

If your thermostat is set to “cool,” but the air coming out of your vents isn’t, it’s because your coils are dirty. If this is the crisis, you may solely have a clogged coil. If you don’t have your AC service in Dallas on a regular basis, they might become filthy.

9. You Need To Change Your Dirty Filter

If you don’t change or clean your air filter according to the manufacturer’s directions, it will become dirty. The system can literally freeze up if there isn’t enough ventilation, complete with ice on the coil. 

10. Some Damaged Your HVAC Components

Heating and air conditioning arrangements are not changed. Maybe your landscaper accidentally broke the refrigerant line, or maybe you accidentally pulled wiring while working on something else. 

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