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Duct cleaning is more than about clean air. Let’s talk about the fire hazards.

The best and only reliable way to cut down the risk of a fire from dust is to remove or significantly reduce the amount of dust. Cleaning your air ducts is the easiest way to remove accumulated dust built up over time.

This is because all dust is full of dry and flammable material which can easily ignite under the right conditions. Any large collection of dust can be ignited either by contact with a spark or if the surface it is settled on becomes extremely hot. The danger of a dust-ignited fire is especially high in the summer when ducts can grow hot.

Keep these Texas summers in mind, folks.

Be sure a certified heating and cooling company ensures the best solution to the problem of dust-born fire hazards. This this isn’t a time to “DIY“ it.

Improperly cleaned air ducts may cause loose dust to circulate ultimately damaging your home’s air quality and creating a threatening hazard.

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