How To Extend Your HVAC System When Developing Your Home

Adding on a new addition to your house is an exciting moment. Unfortunately, you’ll probably need to change existing electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems to accommodate your addition. While you may know the processes required to extend your electrical and plumbing systems, this may not be the case with your HVAC system. Is it necessary to replace your complete unit, or can it be enlarged as well? Let’s accept a look at what you should do to increase your HVAC system while expanding your home.

Is The Expansion Necessary?

To evaluate if your present equipment can support the additional new space. The contractor managing your addition will do a calculation based on numerous parameters, including the number and placement of windows as well as cubic living space. If your present HVAC unit isn’t large enough to chill and heat your new space appropriately, you have two alternatives. First, you may either improve your existing HVAC system or contact an HVAC company in Dallas to install a new one for the increased area.

Ductwork Expansion

It may be as simple as installing extra ductwork for forced air systems or hot water pipes for homes with radiators to your present network to upgrade your system. This, however, can be challenging, especially in older homes with older wiring. In such a case, always call a professional for heating services in Dallas.

Replacing An Existing HVAC Unit

While replacing your old unit with a new, bigger one that can manage your entire house is always a possibility, it is a costly alternative for which you have to contact a trained technician for heating replacement in Dallas, TX.

Install a Split HVAC System

A split HVAC system is another option. This delivers heating and cooling services while requiring the least labor and costing less than entirely replacing your existing HVAC system. The best part is that it is typically a very energy-efficient solution.

A thermostat must be installed in the area where a split HVAC system is responsible. This enables individual temperature control throughout the room. This is especially advantageous with expansions since the additional room may be better insulated or have many windows, making it challenging to match your home’s temperature with your existing thermostat.

Install a Ductless Heating and Cooling System

Perhaps you don’t want to build a more extensive HVAC system, or perhaps extending ducting for the expansion will be complicated or expensive. If one of these applies, you might want to consider installing a ductless HVAC system, particularly for the addition.

Building a new addition to your house is exciting, but it also adds complexities to your HVAC systems. Serveway Heating and Air Conditioning are here to make the HVAC needs of your new addition as simple as possible. We can determine the appropriate size HVAC system for your house and assist you in determining the best solution for your family. To get started, call Serveway Heating and Air Conditioning at 469 231-9379 or visit our website to schedule a meeting.