You may already know that HVAC technicians in Dallas can inspect, clean, and adjust your AC whenever you need it.  From simple tasks of maintenance to Air Conditioning Installation Dallas TX, they can do it all. However, most people get confused, whether it is time to change the air filters or ensure that their outdoor unit needs a tune-up. 

Are you confused too?

Well, booking an AC maintenance service can help improve the efficiency of your cooling system. However, if you don’t hire an expert for AC service at the correct time, significant issues can remain undetected. Result? You might need an air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX when you least expect it. 

So when is the correct time to call the professional to look at your AC?

Anytime before summer!

Yes, don’t wait till the summer to service your AC.  Remember, many things can go wrong with an overused AC. Besides, summer will be the time when all HVAC specialists are in high demand. So, be on the safer side than regretting later. By hiring a professional AC tune-up before you hit peak temperatures, you can ensure 100% comfort throughout summer.

It would be time for an AC service if you spotted minor issues last year.

If you don’t get your AC serviced just because you won’t be needing it anytime soon, you will regret it later. Do you know that an AC service on time has numerous benefits? Yes! Hiring an expert for timely AC servicing means – 

  • Better functionality of AC
  • Reduced power bills
  • Extended life of your AC
  • No stress of sudden breakdowns
  • Warranties of equipment parts

Therefore, if you call a professional for the yearly service of your AC, you won’t need sudden air conditioning replacement in Dallas, TX.

Maintenance service is crucial just before you need your cooling system the most.

Just like it is vital to schedule a service for your heating equipment in the fall, your AC needs servicing in the spring. Why? It is spring when professionals are not likely to be busy & you can schedule an AC service at your leisure. If you get your AC serviced during late spring, chances are it will work smoothly for the rest of the year. Besides, in summers you won’t find good technicians because they will be busy with emergency repairs. So, plan to avoid the headaches of emergencies and be sure to call a local HVAC expert now.

Scheduling an AC service only once a few years won’t work.

Heating or cooling systems should be checked by an expert at least once a year. AC unit needs maintenance services each year to avoid expensive air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX.


No one wants their AC to break down on a hot day. So why not take the preventative route to avoid unnecessary stress & hire an AC service? At Serveway Heating and Air Conditioning, we have all the solutions you need. So, call us now at 469-231-9379 to know all about AC services and remain stress-free all year round.