What Are The Seven Steps For A Furnace?

After being unused for summer months, your furnace needs maintenance before getting to work. Every furnace requires proper maintenance before winter to keep it in good condition. Your heating system is necessary for your home but can also involve the potential of a safety risk.

Steps to keep your furnace efficient and home safe

  • Change filters
    Just like an AC unit needs filters to be replaced occasionally, the furnace also has the exact requirements. Not changing the filters will lead to debris building up and clogging the filters, restricting the airflow. It will compromise your indoor air quality and can lead to overheating problems, and you may need furnace repair in Dallas, TX, as a result.

  • Schedule regular maintenance
    Furnaces are complex machines. The best method to keep your furnace running safely and in optimal condition is by calling a professional for furnace service in Dallas every year. A professional can identify and solve any potential issue in your furnace that might become a hazard in the future.

  • Clean surrounding area
    Many homeowners neglect to ensure that the surrounding area of their furnace is clean. Don’t be one of them. Many furnaces are located in basements, attics, and garages. Some items in the surrounding area can be highly flammable, so keeping your furnace area clear is necessary.

  • Install carbon monoxide detector
    Carbon monoxide is produced by fuel-burning appliances like gas cookers, boilers, and furnaces. In fuel-burning furnaces, there is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. So if your furnace is malfunctioning, it might lead to carbon monoxide buildup in your home, which is harmful to you.

  • Smoke alarm
    A fuel-burning furnace presents a risk of a house fire. The best way to prepare for this situation is by maintaining a smoke alarm in your home. You should always ensure to change the batteries of your smoke alarm regularly.

  • Keep airflow
    The furnace needs fresh air to operate. If it doesn’t get enough air, it may start to consume the oxygen present indoors, which is harmful to you. Also, if something is blocking the airflow, it may result in uneven heating in your home. So remember to clear obstructions and floor registers to keep heat throughout your home.

  • Furnace rules
    A furnace is a dangerous place for kids to play around. So if your kids have started playing near the furnace, you will need to talk to your kids to ensure no one gets hurt. Help your children understand that the grill can be very hot and realize the danger of getting too close.


If you have any doubt regarding your furnace or require a professional with any HVAC service like furnace replacement in Dallas, TX, do not hesitate to contact us at Serveway HVAC. Our experts will visit your home as soon as possible and solve all your problems instantly. Contact us today to hire our trained, skilled technicians.

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Tis The Season To Tune Up Your HVAC Unit

The cold months of the year are upon us. Is your home’s HVAC unit ready to withstand the winter? Perform these tasks to keep your furnace from working overtime this season:

  • Close your chimney flue pipe and damper when not in use
  • Add insulation to the attic
  • Close vents to rooms not used regularly
  • Replace heating system air filters every 30 days
  • Test-run your unit for signs of malfunction
  • Schedule a furnace tune-up if you haven’t done so already

If you don’t want to chance being left in the cold, let our HVAC professionals put your heating system to the test. Schedule HVAC Companies in Dallas an inspection today by calling 469-231-9379.