Why Does My Heater Have A Searing Bouquet?

Multiple homeowners are preparing to trade on their heaters for the season as winters are approaching and temperatures drop. However, you don’t want to be greeted with an unpleasant burning smell when you alter the temperature on your thermostat in the expectancies of heating your home.

While certain smells may indicate a potentially serious problem that an HVAC specialist needs heating services in Dallas, others are more normal. Next, we’ll go through what’s causing your heater to smell like it’s on fire, as well as what you can do to tackle the situation appropriately.

The Different Types of Burning Smell a Heater Can Produce:

If your heater emits an electric odor, it might be a reason for concern or a minor issue that can be readily resolved.

1. Electrical Smell

The Following are Some of the Causes of an Electrical Odor Emanating From Your Vents:

  • If fluids or food is spilled near a vent, the odor that results might be electrical. Cleaning up that spill might cure your problem, so if you check all of your vents and see one, clean it up right away!
  • Toys and other things may become trapped in vents if you have children or pets. An electrical odor may develop if the air warms them up and melts the plastic or other materials of the toy. Examine your vents with a flashlight to ensure nothing has gotten trapped in them.
  • The trapped air from a vent may emit a mild electrical odor. When your system is running, open vents to prevent it from remaining in the enclosed compartment for too long.

2. Dusty or Damp Smell

Some odors emanating from your HVAC system will not be electrical. Instead, they might be signs of other problems that could be minor or dangerous, depending on what they are.

If you haven’t turned on your heater in a while, it may emit a dirty or musty odor. After a while, this may burn off, and you can solve this problem by changing the air filter.

You may also notice a damp smell. The odor might be coming from the humidifier, or it could be due to humidity in the summer months leading to extra water when it’s cooler. Again, checking and changing the filters will solve this problem, or you may hire a specialist for a heat pump service in Dallas and set up a maintenance schedule.

A well-trained HVAC expert can assist you if you are concerned about the smells emanating from your heater. Most qualified professionals can analyze heater issues and recommend fixing your heater or installing a new HVAC system if the problem is serious enough.

A heater maintenance plan may also be a suitable choice if your HVAC needs to be cleaned. Again, the only way to comprehend confidence is to contact an HVAC company in Dallas to satisfy your requirements.