AC is essential indoors when there is blazing heat outside. If you live anywhere near Texas, you most likely own an air conditioner. And if you happen not to own one, it is time to stop suffering and choose a professional air conditioning installation in Dallas, TX. In this article, we will discuss different factors related to AC malfunctions.

Top Reasons Why Your AC is Not Turning On

  • Check Circuit Breaker

If you see that your AC is not turning on using the remote, the circuit breaker may have tripped. It can happen if you use too many appliances simultaneously or a sudden power surge in your area.

Try to find the ON and OFF switch on the board and make the adjustment. However, if your AC is still not turning on, there might be a technical problem. So do not attempt anything on your own and call for professional AC service in Dallas for a quick checkup.

  • Thermostat Problem 

It is an essential component of an air conditioning system. If the thermostat shows a blank screen or low battery sign, consider doing the needful. Since it is the communication system between you and your AC, it should be in working condition always.

Sometimes, even after doing all the troubleshooting, your thermostat doesn’t respond. At this point, contact a reliable air conditioning installation in Dallas, TX, and replace the thermostat.

  • Leakage Issue

Due to constant use, your AC might develop several problems like water leaking. The drain pan in your unit collects water leaking from the air conditioning system. Clear the drain pan as soon as possible.

Many AC units have a wet switch that automatically turns off the unit if the drain pan is full. Try to locate the problem and for support, seek a professional AC service in the Dallas area.

  • Dirty Air Filter

A dirty air filter is a signal that you do not maintain your AC unit regularly. Being a home appliance, you must inspect the system at least twice a year.

Any top air conditioning installation company in Dallas, TX, can provide you with the best service. But unfortunately, the air filter gets clogged due to the collection of debris, and as a result, the airflow gets blocked.

  • AC Motor Malfunctioned

If your AC has already crossed 10 – 12 years, that means it is closing in on its complete lifespan. In such a case, the AC motor can become faulty.

You can inspect the capacitor of the motor using a multimeter. If you find a situation, don’t pause to call for a skilled air conditioning replacement service in Dallas, TX, to change the motor as soon as possible.


Be careful while inspecting your unit. If there are some issues you don’t understand, contact a reputable company for air conditioning installation in Dallas, TX.

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