You want your AC to be your long-term pal. But, the Freon refrigerant in your air conditioning unit might prevent it. Freon is a colourless gas that has been linked to ozone depletion. Freon is being gradually phased out of use to protect the ozone layer. 

 You must be wondering whether you will have to search for air conditioning replacement in Dallas, TX, right away. To answer this, let’s first understand How long do Freon Refrigerants Last in AC? Then, you can ultimately decide whether you should hurry out to buy an AC right away.

Average Lasting Time of Freon 

In an AC unit, the refrigerant system is designed to be a permanently closed system. In case of no external damage to the system, or design flaws, the Freon should last forever.

In a well-functioning AC, the refrigerant is recycled within a closed system to cool your house. But, as years pass by, the AC tubing starts to wear out with age resulting in leaks in the system. This causes the Freon level to drop. 


How to know if your refrigerant is low? 

You should regularly check whether you are low on Freon to fix a refrigerant leak. Here are few ways to know if your refrigerant is low. 

  • If your AC is working harder than normally required, the electricity bill will shoot up. Thus, higher electric bills are a good time to call Serveway Heating and Air Conditioning for Emergency AC Repair Dallas.
  • Frost buildup on the indoor AC coil. 
  • The refrigerant lines unusually emanate hissing or bubbling noises.
  • A good time to call Serveway Heating and Air Conditioning for ac service in Dallas is when your AC blows out hot air instead of cold. 
  • There is heavy condensation on the system.


What to do if there is a leak? 

If your AC is malfunctioning, you can do the following things at home: 

  • Clean the air filter.
  • Clean the coils and fins.
  • Remove debris or vegetation clogging the outside AC unit. 
  • Change the air filter. 

If the problem persists, it’s time to look up AC service in Dallas to call for professional help. 

The professional check involves examining the filter, thermostat, indoor and outdoor units. The AC manifold gauge is used to measure the Freon level. This helps in establishing that the cause of the malfunctioning is the refrigerant leak. 

The professional then spot the correct location of the leak by using a bubbling agent, special electronic equipment, or UV dye.

To repair or To replace – that is the question 

You are at a crossroads now. Should you call air conditioning replacement or ac service in Dallas, TX

Before deciding on whether you should repair or replace your AC, keep these pointers in mind. 

  1. Age: The service life of an AC is roughly 10-15 years. If the AC is nearing its last years, leak repair may not be feasible. 
  2. Scarcity of R-22: The use of new Freon is banned. Only recycled Freon is allowed. This scarce entity will then become expensive.
  3. Energy efficiency: This is one of the most important factors to consider before deciding to replace or repair. If your AC isn’t energy-efficient and the electricity bills shoot up, you will end up spending more in the long run. 
  4. Frequency and cost of repairs: Regular, expensive repairs end up costing more than buying a new AC.

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