Dallas and surrounding areas get extremely hot and humid during summers. It’s impossible to not rely on your trustworthy air conditioning systems to give you the much-needed cooling. But considering how air conditioners work round the clock during summers, they might run into malfunctions or issues now and then. How can one decide when to look for AC service in Dallas and when to go for AC repairs in Dallas?

Opting for AC service

AC servicing helps prevent issues in the future. Think of it as the preventive measures you take so that you have to get your AC repaired as few times as possible. If you get regular appointments for emergency AC service in Dallas, your AC will work wonderfully, and you’ll have great summers ahead!

An AC service in Dallas usually includes, but is not limited to the following:-

  • Cleaning the filter– The condenser fins and air filters collect a lot of dirt and dust over time. If you haven’t used your AC since the last summer, it’s advisable to get it serviced before you start using it again. 
  • Cleaning the coils– An air-conditioning system often has two coils- a condenser and an evaporator coil. Both of which need a thorough cleaning as they collect dust as well. 
  • Checking for leakage– The technician conducting the AC service in Dallas will make sure to check whether the pipes are leaking or not and if the drain is clean or not. 
  • Overall servicing– The technician may also check the overall system for any hints of malfunctions or possible wear and tear. 

Opting for AC Repair in Dallas

With an air conditioning system, many things can go wrong if you don’t maintain it regularly. In case your AC stops working, doesn’t cool anymore, or you face any other such issues, that’s when you should call for assistance. Unless you’re very sure of handling the defect, it’s advisable that you call a professional instead of doing it yourself. 

Here are just a couple of signs that indicate getting an appointment for AC repair in Dallas:-

  • Humid even when AC is on- Dallas gets very humid during summers, and your AC is supposed to offer respite from the same. However, if your AC is not reducing any humidity in your living space, it is defective and should be checked for repairs. 
  • Ineffective cooling– When you use an AC system for many years, there will come the point when it becomes ineffective in terms of cooling. This is usually caused by wear and tear but can be corrected through timely repair. 
  • Utility bills skyrocket– If your electricity bills have skyrocketed recently, without there being any stark changes in the house, then your AC might be the culprit. A faulty AC often uses up more energy than usual to give the expected quality of cooling. 
  • Spooky sounds– Your AC might start making random, unusual noises for a variety of reasons. Depending on the type of noise, the reason can be determined. However, do not try to repair the AC on your own. Instead, call for a professional team for AC Repair in Dallas. 

All in all,

Prevention is better than cure, and so you should pay attention to getting your AC serviced regularly. Serveway Heating and Air Conditioning provide services including AC Repair in Dallas and AC Service in Dallas. Our techcnians are at par with the latest technologies. We provide our services at affordable rates and do not compromise on the quality. Call us schedule the Air Conditioning Replacement Dallas TX and the surrounding areas.