How to Keep Your AC Unit from Overheating

Your AC has just one goal: to make you feel relaxed and happy. Your AC can stop at nothing to realize this, although it suggests burning itself out. Overheating happens once one or additional of the AC’s parts aren’t operating the approach they imagined. The system can work differently to catch up on the broken pieces, resulting in excess energy consumption followed by warming. If you’re lucky, warming can not over-trip your breaker. If you’re not, therefore, lucky, your AC can do its best before sadly breaking down.

How To Prevent Your AC Unit From Overheating:

Overheating will be prevented with regular maintenance and tune-ups. Below the area unit, knowledgeable HVAC contractors can perform several primary services to keep your AC from warming. 

Replace The Air Cleaner

A dirty air cleaner will clog your unit, forcing the AC to run longer. you’ll stop this by replacing your air cleaner once a month. This is one of the sole DIY tasks you can do for your air conditioning.

Keep The Condenser Coils Clean

The condenser coil is found within the outdoor units, and its job is to dispel heat outside your home. It’s pertinent that the condenser coil will perform this operation.

However, it’ll act as associate degree stuff when the coil is dirty, keeping the warmth within. Meanwhile, your AC will be operating indefatigably to achieve the vasoconstrictive setting on your thermostat. It’s a vicious circle that will eventually force your system to overheat.

Check For Low Refrigerant

Refrigerants are rarely imagined to run out. Quantity |the quantity | The number} of refrigerants within the system (what’s called its “charge”) is the outstanding amount. Therefore the only approach you’ll ever have to low refrigerant is if there’s a leak or if it had been improperly charged at the time of installation. Leaks don’t fix themselves, of course. Therefore it’ll solely still leak additional refrigerant as time goes on.

Refrigerant is important to the operation of the AC; the unit can work double-time to maneuver the remaining refrigerant through the system. It’s conjointly a significant issue for your AC; therefore, don’t hesitate to schedule air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX, at the primary sign of a leak.

Clean The Fan Blades

The fan blades in your system area unit are meant to figure as efficiently as attainable. Excess mud and dirt can add additional weight, making it more challenging for the blades to move. The motor will be forced to figure overtime for many hours every day and can shortly contribute to a burn-out. A straightforward improvement of the fan’s blades ought to stop any issues.

Consider The Unit’s Age

Your unit ought to work a touch more challenging in the summer than usual. AC units are ready to figure within the heat; however, a system with more responsible years of loyal service can be prone to warming.

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Is it necessary to service HVAC every year?

Your air-con repair services supplier should be telling you that you should service your air conditioner once a year. It may be an excessive amount on your half, as you have considered the costs of hiring a maintenance technician. 

Is It Necessary To Service The AC Each Year? 

If your appliance is new, you’ll be able to depart with conjugation once each two years. Contact us to learn about  HVAC companies in Dallas.

Checking On Your Appliance Once A Year Comes With Many Perks That Include:

Most homeowners don’t use their appliances in winter. Since your AC wasn’t turned on for half of the year, it probably wouldn’t be functioning as optimally as it used to. A servicing ensures all parts of your AC are in an excellent operating condition. Get to know about heating services in Dallas.

It Functions Higher And Saves You Cash Down The Road.

Any AC contractor can tell you that regular tune-ups will stop over half of AC issues. 

Just like how maintenance and tune ups are required for automobiles it’s an identical case with air conditioners. Hiring a professional with exceptional AC repair skills to examine the unit is far cheaper than hiring one to repair a worn out air conditioning within the middle of a hot summer.

You Maintain The Warranty.

Most air-con appliances accompany a guarantee that enables you to repair or replace the unit once issues arise. Sadly, most air conditioning brands need you to keep your appliance in a good form to stay under warranty. By having your appliance available for servicing once a year, you retain the warranty that may save it in the future.

You Increase The Lifetime Of Your Appliance.

A properly maintained air conditioner has a long life. Keeping your appliance in the high form that lengthens its lifetime. Even when you neglect minor issues, these issues slowly worsen to the extent you have to pay more money for repair. A neglected air conditioning conjointly features a short lifetime.

You Increase The Potency Of Your Appliance.

A properly maintained air conditioning is additionally energy-efficient. AC technicians report that a straightforward AC tune-up will increase the potency of your air conditioning by up to five years.

A neglected appliance produces a smaller amount of energy for many reasons. One among the explanations is dirt on the coils. Once the coils accumulate a great deal of dirt and buildup, they’re unable to transfer heat as it should..

The air conditioning may develop a clog that will produce unwanted wetness. The motor may additionally fail to perform correctly, thanks to poor lubrication. The blowers may also be too dirty, thus not enough cool air will be circulating into the house. 

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What Should I Look For When Employing An HVAC Contractor?

Owning a heating and cooling device is not a simple task. First, you have to take exceptional care of it and call experts for air conditioning and heating services in Dallas regularly to ensure your machine runs efficiently without any breakdowns. Also, as your HVAC device is a significant investment, it is more than ever essential to give its upkeep in the hands of a professional technician as a novice can do more harm than good. 

However, given the abundance of heating and cooling companies in Texas, with every company claiming to be the best, finding the best one can be overwhelming. 

  • Rates

Two heating and cooling companies might deliver the same assistance at significantly different rates. So the HVAC company you choose should guarantee that their prices match the quality of the service they present so that you do not encounter any hassles.

  • Client assistance

You should not feel reluctant or awkward while sharing your HVAC device’s issues with a professional technician. Instead, the staff should be thoughtful and courteous to their clients so that you can call them even for emergency assistance.

  • Work quality

Hiring a heating and cooling technician from one of the best HVAC companies in Dallas can be urgent, but you should guarantee that you do not have to compromise with the service quality. An HVAC professional with less proficiency or knowledge cannot work satisfactorily on your heating and air conditioning unit as they can ruin it more, leading to permanent machine breakdowns or costly repairs.

  • Reviews

You can quickly check the reviews of former clients on the online website of the heating and cooling company you wish to hire. By skimming through these reviews, you can understand how they operate, how fast they complete a job, and how excellent their quality is. In addition, you should learn about these factors beforehand so that you do not encounter any discontent in the future.

  • Experience

The air conditioning, furnace, or heat pump repair Dallas company you select should have adequate understanding and knowledge to tackle all types of HVAC problems. It should not happen that you call experts for any issue regarding your HVAC system, and they refuse to assist you due to a lack of knowledge or expertise.

  • Emergency

A heating and cooling device usually breaks down at the most unexpected hours. Therefore, when hiring a heating and cooling company, you must ensure that you choose one that provides excellent emergency services to spare yourself from the hassle of finding a technician at odd hours. 

  • Authenticity

Check the licenses and website of the heating and cooling company you want to hire. A genuine company will have a good and professional website with all details readily available, like who they serve, the assistance they deliver, their contact information, and their license report.

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Signs That Your Modulating Furnace Might Need Repairs

Modulating furnaces are energy-efficient and pocket-friendly HVAC systems to keep your home warm and comfortable. These furnaces consist of adjustable gas supply valves and customized speed fans according to your home. 

However, it needs regular furnace service in Dallas to run efficiently. If you ignore this step, your furnace can start causing some trouble to your family. In severe cases, you might need to invest in furnace replacement in Dallas

When you Notice the Below-Mentioned Signs, Schedule a Furnace Repair in Dallas, TX, as Soon as Possible.

Therefore, you should be aware of some abnormal sign that indicates that your furnace needs repair.

1. Production of Yellow Flame.

A furnace should produce a blue and steady flame while working. However, the color of the flame turns blue to yellow with time. This condition occurs due to incomplete combustion of gas or the production of wastes from the fuel. When you see a yellow and flickering flame, plan a furnace repair in Dallas, TX, for your furnace to ensure satisfactory heating. 

It would help monthly plan tune-ups for the furnace to avoid such issues. It will also mitigate the need to invest money in costly HVAC repair. 

2. They are Frequently Turning Off and on the Heating Unit.

If your heating unit is turning in and off very frequently, this condition is also known as short cycling. A regular cycle of a furnace ranges from three to ten minutes. According to the thermostat’s settings, it is the inbuilt mechanism of a furnace to turn on and off. When the furnace reaches the desired temperature in the room, it turns off automatically. 

However, if your heating unit is short-cycling due to any underlying cause within one minute, you must immediately call your HVAC installer for furnace service in Dallas.  

3. No Heat Production or Sudden Breakdown.

If your furnace cannot produce any heat, you need to approach your HVAC contractor to figure out the best solution. The system’s sudden shutdown or no heat production can be due to inappropriate gas valve settings. It can also be due to incorrect furnace installation without getting the fuel supply to produce heat. You need to contact a trustworthy HVAC company to schedule a modulating furnace repair service in such a situation. 

You should also need to have some knowledge about the HVAC systems so that you can manage minor defects of the furnace by yourself. Thus, you can avoid an unnecessary furnace tune and save you money from costly repairs. However, if the defect is significant and needs some techniques-sensitive services, immediately call your HVAC experts and let them fix the issue so that you can enjoy the perfect temperature according to the weather. 

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By These 3 Steps, You Can Make Your Furnace Heat Quieter!

It is common for the heater to make noise. A brand new heater runs smoothly and perfectly for the first few years. However, as time goes by, the heater starts making noise. Call the furnace service in Dallas if you have a noisy furnace in your home. 

It is agreeable that the sounds of the furnace heater are not cherishable. Instead, they are annoying and disturbing. So, to help you reduce the irritation around the atmosphere, we are here with some simple steps that you can apply. 

If these steps do not work, then don’t worry. We are here! The Serveway heating and air conditioning group is here to sort every problem. The HVAC company that you can depend on for providing the best and most accurate heating services in Dallas. 

Steps That Will Make Your Furnace Quieter

Here are the steps:

Air Filter Replacement

As the dust and crimes increase on the air filter, it results in short-cycling of the furnace. Therefore, it becomes the main reason for high volume disturbing HVAC sound. Also, a dusty air filter increases the entry of allergens and germs into your house. 

It is best to replace the old air filter in the furnace before winter. It will reduce the weird and disturbing noise of the heating system. Moreover, it ensures good quality air circulation in your residence. 

Cleaning the air filter will also help in this matter. It will reduce the amount of dust and germs floating in the atmosphere and proper circulation and ventilation. 

Call our heating services in Dallas now for a quick replacement and check-up for the heating appliance.

Yearly Maintenance Service of the Furnace

The HVAC appliances never make a disturbance without any reason. However, there is a reason that needs to be solved. Sometimes it is wearing and tearing the parts, or sometimes something urgent that needs attention at the earliest. 

Yearly maintenance of the furnace will figure out the problem that causes the disturbing sounds. Then, the HVAC technician will find the solution and make your furnace up to date, and then it will work smoothly and quietly!

Yearly maintenance not only fixes all the problems, but it tunes up HVAC to run at its best and outstanding capacity. In addition, the furnace service in Dallas will check for all the leakage in the furnace system. 

Furnace Replacement 

Another reason why the furnace creates irritation and disturbs the surroundings by its weird noise is due to its age factor!

If you complain of discomforting HVAC noises and the HVAC system in your house has spent more than 15 years in your home, then it is not the fault of the heating appliance! But, unfortunately, it is too old to perform flawlessly in terms of HVAC years!

It is time to put your old furnace to rest and bring in the new and latest furnace in your residence! Call our furnace replacement service in Dallas at (469)231-9379 for expert advice on which furnace model to buy this year. 

Weird and scary noises coming from the furnace are not a good sign. Never take it lightly! If you hear banging, bubbling, or any sound coming from your heater, call our Serveway heating services in Dallas for a quick check! 


7 Safety Advice for Heating Systems

Heating systems are typically used in winters when the wind is chilly and the days are bleak. However applicable as they may be, they are also dangerous. There is the risk of potential hazards and can lead to fires or burns if left unattended. So, it is better to find safe methods for using these heating systems. Safe methods can prevent those hazards, and they let you enjoy the warmth in winter without any worries! So, how can you ensure your heating system’s safety?

 The Steps You Can Undertake To Ensure Your Safety.

  • Buy a safer heating system than others: Choose a heating system tested and certified by safety laboratories. Also, you should prefer a heating system with safety circuit breakers and a built-in thermostat. This ensures that your heating system shuts down in case of overheating or a short circuit. Contact our heating services Dallas team if you need knowledge about safer systems.
  • No obstructions near the system: Ensure no obstructions or hindrances near the system. Keep everything, incredibly loose things like blankets, bedsheets, or clothes, away from the heating system. Also, try to avoid burns at least three feet away from the heating system.
  • Place your unit on a smooth surface: Make sure that the place you have placed your heating system is level and is not rough. Avoid placing it on a chair or a higher surface because if it falls, then it can lead to a fire. Moreover, it can break when it falls, and all your investment will go down the drain.
  • Avoid extension cords: Heating systems require a lot of electricity to work correctly. Using extension cords to provide electricity to the systems can harm them or hinder their ability to work. Since less electricity might be provided, your heating system might not work as it is supposed to. So, avoid extension cords at any cost.
  • Keep checking your heating unit: Do not leave your unit unattended at one place throughout the year. It needs regular attention, along with maintenance, tune-ups, and servicing. So, ensure that your unit is getting all of that along with the attention it requires. If you detect any problem in your unit, contact Serveway’s heating replacement Dallas, TX team today!
  • Don’t block spaces: Keep your heating system at a place where it is not disturbed, and people do not trip on the wires. Tripping over your unit’s wires can lead your system to fall & break, jeopardizing your comfort. 
  • Explain these points to children and family members:  Children should be kept away from heating systems at all costs. Heating systems can harm them, posing the risk of fire or burns. Try making your children understand the hazards of a heating unit calmly. This will make them aware, and they can contact you if any problem occurs.

We’re sure that you’re aware of the safety advice for heating systems, and you’ll follow them diligently. It will not only keep your heating system healthy but will also keep your family safe. And if any problem persists with your unit, then contact Serveway Heating & Air Conditioning, one of the best HVAC companies in Dallas. Reach out to Serveway via phone on 469 231-9379 or visit our website alternatively for quotes and estimates!


How To Extend Your HVAC System When Developing Your Home

How To Extend Your HVAC System When Developing Your Home?

Adding on a new addition to your house is an exciting moment. Unfortunately, you’ll probably need to change existing electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems to accommodate your addition. While you may know the processes required to extend your electrical and plumbing systems, this may not be the case with your HVAC system. Is it necessary to replace your complete unit, or can it be enlarged as well? Let’s accept a look at what you should do to increase your HVAC system while expanding your home.

Is The Expansion Necessary?

To evaluate if your present equipment can support the additional new space. The contractor managing your addition will do a calculation based on numerous parameters, including the number and placement of windows as well as cubic living space. If your present HVAC unit isn’t large enough to chill and heat your new space appropriately, you have two alternatives. First, you may either improve your existing HVAC system or contact an HVAC company in Dallas to install a new one for the increased area.

Ductwork Expansion

It may be as simple as installing extra ductwork for forced air systems or hot water pipes for homes with radiators to your present network to upgrade your system. This, however, can be challenging, especially in older homes with older wiring. In such a case, always call a professional for heating services in Dallas.

Replacing An Existing HVAC Unit

While replacing your old unit with a new, bigger one that can manage your entire house is always a possibility, it is a costly alternative for which you have to contact a trained technician for heating replacement in Dallas, TX.

Install a Split HVAC System

A split HVAC system is another option. This delivers heating and cooling services while requiring the least labor and costing less than entirely replacing your existing HVAC system. The best part is that it is typically a very energy-efficient solution.

A thermostat must be installed in the area where a split HVAC system is responsible. This enables individual temperature control throughout the room. This is especially advantageous with expansions since the additional room may be better insulated or have many windows, making it challenging to match your home’s temperature with your existing thermostat.

Install a Ductless Heating and Cooling System

Perhaps you don’t want to build a more extensive HVAC system, or perhaps extending ducting for the expansion will be complicated or expensive. If one of these applies, you might want to consider installing a ductless HVAC system, particularly for the addition.

Building a new addition to your house is exciting, but it also adds complexities to your HVAC systems. Serveway Heating and Air Conditioning are here to make the HVAC needs of your new addition as simple as possible. We can determine the appropriate size HVAC system for your house and assist you in determining the best solution for your family. To get started, call Serveway Heating and Air Conditioning at 469 231-9379 or visit our website to schedule a meeting.

Ways to Know Your Furnace Heat Exchanger Has Cracked

Don’t dismiss your suspicions if you suspect a fractured heat exchanger in your gas furnace. If not fixed promptly, a damaged heat exchanger might be dangerous to your family. Toxic gases like carbon monoxide will be released. Many deaths are caused by cracked heat exchangers and carbon monoxide poisoning worldwide. Regularly inspecting and maintaining the HVAC system is essential to keep your family safe.

What Causes Heat Exchangers to Fail?

A dirty, blocked air filter is one of the most prevalent causes of heat exchanger failure. Overheating and an oversized furnace can also cause heat exchanger cracking. However, ordinary wear and slash is the most typical cause of heat exchanger cracking. Metal heat exchangers undergo continual expansion and contraction, which will merely cause the metal to fatigue and shatter over time.

Symptoms of a Broken Heat Exchanger in Your Furnace:

  • Strange Odors

A faulty heat exchanger will frequently emit an unpleasant and pungent stench that smells like formaldehyde. When inhaled, the vapors are incredibly hazardous to your health. You’ll expose yourself to further injury or danger if you neglect the problem.

  • Soot Build-Up

When your heating system has a lot of carbon or the fuel doesn’t burn thoroughly, the furnace will produce a lot of soot. On the other hand, a damaged heating exchanger could cause increased soot formation in the heating system. It is advised to take professional help like furnace service Dallas

  • Cracks and Corrosion

Call a skilled technician like furnace repair Dallas, TX right away if you see corrosion or cracks in other parts of your furnace, such as the draught diverter box or inducer motor.

  • The Appearance of the Flame

The flame that heats your air can be blue, which is normal, but orange or yellow are not. A yellow flame could indicate that your burner is unclean or that your heat exchanger has fractured.

  • Unnatural Sounds

If your heat exchanger is fractured, you’ll hear a rattling noise when your thermostat turns on the heat. As the heat exchanger heats up, cracks expand and shrink, resulting in rattling, popping, or pounding noises.

  • Presence of Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a poisonous flammable gas with no odor, color, or taste. A faulty heat exchanger could cause CO to leak into your home. Relying on a CO alarm to identify a broken heat exchanger is not recommended; instead, furnace replacement companies in Dallas propose a yearly assessment of your furnace and heating system.

  • Water collection on the floor around the furnace

If your furnace is attached to a whole-house humidifier, it could leak, and internal drainage systems could become clogged. To figure out what’s causing the problem, you’ll need to hire a skilled HVAC contractor.

What Are Your Options?

If your heat exchanger fails, you have two choices: replace the heat exchanger or replace the furnace. Additional parts and controls in the furnace will very certainly need to be changed at this time.

If you want to save cash on restoring and servicing furnace heat exchangers, we at Serveway Heating and Air Conditioning can help. Call today at 469 231-9379 or mail us at


Why Does My Heater Have A Searing Bouquet?

Multiple homeowners are preparing to trade on their heaters for the season as winters are approaching and temperatures drop. However, you don’t want to be greeted with an unpleasant burning smell when you alter the temperature on your thermostat in the expectancies of heating your home.

While certain smells may indicate a potentially serious problem that an HVAC specialist needs heating services in Dallas, others are more normal. Next, we’ll go through what’s causing your heater to smell like it’s on fire, as well as what you can do to tackle the situation appropriately.

The Different Types of Burning Smell a Heater Can Produce:

If your heater emits an electric odor, it might be a reason for concern or a minor issue that can be readily resolved.

1. Electrical Smell

The Following are Some of the Causes of an Electrical Odor Emanating From Your Vents:

  • If fluids or food is spilled near a vent, the odor that results might be electrical. Cleaning up that spill might cure your problem, so if you check all of your vents and see one, clean it up right away!
  • Toys and other things may become trapped in vents if you have children or pets. An electrical odor may develop if the air warms them up and melts the plastic or other materials of the toy. Examine your vents with a flashlight to ensure nothing has gotten trapped in them.
  • The trapped air from a vent may emit a mild electrical odor. When your system is running, open vents to prevent it from remaining in the enclosed compartment for too long.

2. Dusty or Damp Smell

Some odors emanating from your HVAC system will not be electrical. Instead, they might be signs of other problems that could be minor or dangerous, depending on what they are.

If you haven’t turned on your heater in a while, it may emit a dirty or musty odor. After a while, this may burn off, and you can solve this problem by changing the air filter.

You may also notice a damp smell. The odor might be coming from the humidifier, or it could be due to humidity in the summer months leading to extra water when it’s cooler. Again, checking and changing the filters will solve this problem, or you may hire a specialist for a heat pump service in Dallas and set up a maintenance schedule.

A well-trained HVAC expert can assist you if you are concerned about the smells emanating from your heater. Most qualified professionals can analyze heater issues and recommend fixing your heater or installing a new HVAC system if the problem is serious enough.

A heater maintenance plan may also be a suitable choice if your HVAC needs to be cleaned. Again, the only way to comprehend confidence is to contact an HVAC company in Dallas to satisfy your requirements.


A Troubleshooting Guide to a Furnace Blowing Cold Air

As the cold and windy winters of Dallas arrive, it’s time to gear up. Of course, the first step is to get our furnaces ready, keeping us warm throughout the season. But before you curl up inside your cozy house, you need to have a look at the furnace. For instance, is your furnace blowing cold air instead of warm?

7 Furnace Troubleshooting Tips

These minor issues can be a real pain on a short cold day. So, before you call a furnace service in Dallas, here are some quick troubleshooting tips to make things easier.

1. Thermostat Stopped Working

Since a thermostat controls your furnace’s air temperature, shutting down can cause the furnace to blow cold air.

If your thermostat has stopped working, get rid of it. Contact a professional furnace replacement in Dallas or consider upgrading to a smart thermostat for better control and comfort.

2. Broken Control Panel

If your furnace is suddenly blowing cold air, a broken electric panel might be the culprit. You can quickly resolve this issue by turning the switch off and on after a few minutes. However, if the problem continues, call a professional furnace repair.

3. Leaky Ductwork

Holes in ducts can cause heat energy to escape. In this way, the heated air doesn’t reach your rooms, thus remaining cold. Get your leaky ducts fixed or replaced (if required) by a professional heat pump service in Dallas

4. Thermostat Fan Settings

If your furnace’s thermostat is set to “ON,” it causes the unit to run even with no heat cycle. Change your thermostat’s fan settings to “AUTO” instead of “ON.” This makes sure your furnace runs only during a heating cycle pushing out warm air.

5. The Pilot Flame Has Gone Out.

If your furnace’s pilot flame goes out, there will be no combustion hence no heat. Relight your pilot flame in these simple steps:

  • Turn off any power supply to the unit. 
  • Locate the pilot assembly and turn OFF the reset switch.
  • Wait for 10 to 15 minutes so that excess gas can escape.
  • Hold down the reset switch and use a lighter or match near the flame.
  • Once the flame is lit, turn the reset switch ON.
  • Turn back on the power supply.

6. Water Puddle Around the Unit

The condensate line removes excess moisture from the furnace. If it gets blocked, the excess water leaks out. Eventually, the system’s “overflow kill switch” turns off the unit to prevent water damage. The best way to resolve this query is to get the drain line cleaned and replaced by a furnace service in Dallas.

7. Dirty Air Filters

If your furnace’s air filters are full of gunk and debris, it might be simply blocking the airflow. The most straightforward route to fix this is to clean it regularly or replace the filters with a new one. 

If your furnace is still blowing out cold air after trying these tips, we can fix it. Our quality heating and cooling services are recognized all over the valley. Call us at 469 231-9379 to schedule a quote now!