The quality of air in your commercial HVAC building is a vital component that contributes to your productivity. But, when problems prop up with the HVAC system in your office, every worker in the office will get irritated. Sometimes, a problem in your commercial AC system could even affect the health of your workers. These systems are more complex than the air conditioners we use at home, so when you face any issue, call an air conditioner repair Dallas TX.

Here are 4 sure signs that indicate your commercial HVAC unit needs repairs.

 Unusual odors from your AC

If you or your workers have noticed that odd smells are coming from the AC vents, you should look into it immediately. It could be any strange odor, but the common ones are – the smell of burnt plastic, moldy odor, acidic scents, and stale smell.

The smell of burning plastic could indicate broken parts or overheat of the compressor. Stale odor means that the air coming out of your AC is not fresh and that the filters are accumulated with dust and pollutants. Musty scents suggest that there could be the growth of mold in the AC vents. Any of these strange odors could cause several breathing and health issues.

A surge in your energy bills

Do you notice a sudden spike in the energy bills of your office? This signals the reducing efficiency of your HVAC system. It could also be due to a few other reasons. Your thermostat could be giving wrong readings to your air conditioning system. Or, there also could be issues on the electrical side of your system.

A malfunctioning air conditioning unit causes your energy bills to rise. A refrigerant leak might even be the cause for this. If you feel that your commercial AC is struggling too much, book an appointment with an air conditioner replacement in Dallas, TX.

Abnormal noises

Don’t panic if your commercial HVAC system is making random noises now and then. It is usual for your air conditioner to make a few odd noises due to the compressor restart. But, if any alarming sounds are coming from your AC, then you need to consider contacting air conditioner replacement Dallas TX.

Given below is a list of irregular noises that you have to look out for. 

  • Squealing or squeaking indicates trouble with the condenser fan’s motor.
  • Incessant clicking noise signals issues with the control panel.
  • Banging or clanking noises are a sign of your AC components coming off loose.

Irregular compressor cycles, improper cooling

Struggling to meet the temperature set by your thermostat is a sign of your HVAC system lacking efficiency. If your compressor is running irregular cycles, it is a sure clue that there are troubles with your air conditioner. There are severals reasons for this, including the low refrigerant levels and dirty evaporator coils. 

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