Selecting the right AC system for your home is just as important as choosing the right air conditioning contractor. This is because you like to be sure that the system you buy is energy efficient and will keep your home cool throughout the summer. This blog will discuss some factors you need to consider when choosing an energy-efficient air conditioning system for your home.

Right Size A/C for Your Space

When it comes to AC, size matters because correct air conditioning installation in Dallas, TX, is the most irritating work, a unit that is too large will cool the air but leave it damp and clammy. A unit that is too small will have to work extra hard to maintain the set temperature, increasing your energy bill. The single most important factor to consider is the size of the air conditioner.

Energy-Saving Setting

Another feature to look for in the most suitable air conditioners is an energy-saving setting, which means that once your space has cooled, the unit will turn off the compressor and the fan, saving power.

High EER and SEER Ratings

These two similar (but not interchangeable) ratings are a measure of a specific unit’s energy efficiency in BTUs. Meanwhile, EER is abbreviated for “energy efficiency rating,” and SEER is for “seasonal energy efficiency rating.” A higher rating indicates greater efficiency, and SEER and EER ratings are available for both room and central air conditioners.

ENERGY STAR® Certification

When deciding on the best air conditioner for your home, look for the blue ENERGY STAR® certification. This certification indicates that this unit has met or exceeded higher efficiency standards than comparable models.

Wifi-Enabled A/C

Consider installing a smart air conditioner if you’ve begun to experiment with making your home smart—for example, if you have a device like Alexa or Google Assistant or a Wii-enabled thermostat that you can control with your smartphone. Smart versions of all kinds of A/C units are available, including window, split units, portable, ductless mini, and so on. Because these units are so adaptable, the energy-saving possibilities are endless, and you can really fine-tune your usage.

Programmable Temperature Settings

Even basic window units now have digital displays that allow you to set a precise temperature and schedule your A/C to turn off when you leave and back on when you return. Central air systems are frequently more adaptable.

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